Mistakes to Avoid While Sending a CV for a Dream Job

6 Mistakes to Avoid While Sending a CV for a Dream Job


Imagine this scenario:

Jerry Benfield is an enthusiastic and deterministic employer in an IT firm who loves working with people holding similar passion for work.

More than a hundred intern applications land on Jerry’s desk on a daily basis, and it’s up to him to decide which people could be potential employees for him. Jerry is aware of the common mistakes that people commit and he knows to reject the applications on the spot.

What could be those mistakes that the job appliers commit in their CVs that Jerry just hates to see? What makes Jerry decide if a candidate should be hired or not?

Let us see through the eyes of Jerry and understand 6 common mistakes to be avoided while applying for a dream job as suggested by professional and best  in the UK known as CV Folks who are leading CV writing consultants :

  • Unformatted pieces always have a place in the nearest overflowing garbage: Just looking at an application that has an improper formatting structure gives the employer a feeling of dissatisfaction and avoidance. Any CV that is too long to read and do not have proper indentation is a definite MISS for the applicant. A well-structured and tailor-made CV always catches the eye of a reader and could be seen as a potential application. (Read .)
  • An irrelevant CV that completely mismatches with the offered job profile: Some people do not understand the job profile they are applying for and collate everything in one CV about their skills, knowledge and experiences. Jerry is strict about job-relevant CVs. He wants subject expertise to work for him and not a person who knows something about everything, So, if you are applying for a job in management and have mentioned your coding skills in the CV, then please reconsider it before sending it to Jerry!
  • Only a brief description about your current roles and responsibilities: You might have stuffed your entire CV with advertising words like “holding great skills,” “unbeatable performance,” etc. However, when it comes to the roles & responsibilities that are/were assigned to you, you have safely filled the section with minimal information. Let me tell you this, the next thing that a recruiter wants to know about you is your work in the current job that you are doing. Giving ambiguous and useless information in this section without clearly mentioning your daily job related tasks will be a rejection for your application. Elaborate your current roles and give a brief description about your past experiences.

CV writing mistakes

  • An unknown mistake committed by most of the people —  Naming Your Digital File Incorrectly: In case you are sending your CV online to Jerry, please, please, please rename your file in a proper professional manner. Giving names like “my CV” or “CV for IT job application” will make your CV go directly into the recycle bins for sure. Give a short and professional name to your CV application with a structured mail body. Mention your name as the CV file name and you are good to send the CV. (BONUS TIP: Remember, while sending your CV through emails always cross-check your signature in the mail body.)
  • Lying in your CV: So you do not know that, but they have a lie detector always with them when it is the time for reviewing applications. The employers are smart people and see applications on a daily basis. They have a sixth sense for people who lie in CVs. Also, they have access to the database systems where they could comfortably check all your experiences and skills that you have proudly claimed in your CV. So, to avoid getting caught in a fraud case or getting blacklisted, it is advisable to always mention the truth about yourself in your CV.
  • Poor spelling and grammar used in the CV:  I is a working in IT indstry”. Well, who would buy on someone with such a pathetic English usage in a CV? Jerry dislikes poor English in applications and rejects them all, solely based on this one reason. Always proofread your CV before sending it to a recruiter. In case you find it hard to do this, you can ask your friends or someone senior in your workplace to proofread your CV. Make it understandable and high quality with respect to the grammar. (BONUS TIP: You can use to help you.)

If you avoid these 6 mistakes and draft a well-structured CV for Jerry’s job offer, then your application would surely be sent for consideration for the higher stake-holders. You see how simple it is to impress a recruiter by just avoiding minor mistakes that leads a potential application into the garbage bins. Also, read more on and try to build a strong targeted CV to help you get the job you wish to get into.

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